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01 November 2005 @ 05:04 pm
hey well today and last night SUCKED i never been so hurt in my life i feel like somebody stabbed me in my heart! a billion thoughts have ran thru my head over and over again! i keeping asking myself the same questions why and how could he do this to me knowing how i feel! for a year now we been together and i think a year might be as long as its gun be! how could he lie to me all the time saying he loves me evidently he doesnt! i dont get how yesterday he could be sayin he loves me then a couple hours later havin lena call my fone and be sayin they together! but wateva in the end its his lost i DONT NEED A NIGGA that gon HURT me A BILLION TRILLION TIMES and be DUMB enough to believe hes actually sorry when he said it YA RIGHT! he doesnt relieze the shit i have been thru all FOR HIM! so i unno wat to do im gun try not to call but i aint gott worry hell be back and relieze that girl brought him down and put him in a depresion adn she aint gunna help out with the family shit he is going thru right now and she just gunna fuck his life up more he'll find out how good he had it with me he'll go back to a trick that forever lieing and CHEATING on him which i could never ever ahve the adasity to do that to him but fuck that nigga im gunna move on my nigga june almost outta jail and that nigga says he loves me and ACTUALLY MEANS IT!!!!!!!! unlike a fake ass nigga named antoino deshan gibson! and before june get back im bout to go with PURELL dukes-burnett! cuz thats the SEXIEST NIGGA(almost) At south lake besides my sexy lindsey turner aka big daddy id go with him but he a hoe but a sexy one!!! i should get his nigga shauns numba(ya donkey) lol just playin!
but other then tonios problems i got brittany my so called "best Friend" being dumb sayin i aint there for her when really i am but fuck it i dont give a fuck anymore!

Sherrese girl THANK YOU SOo0o0 MUCH FOR ALWAYS ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME NO MATTER WAT YOUR A TRUE BEST FRIEND!!!!! DONT WORRY I GOT U NO MATTA WAT TOO! thanks for being there at school today i had no one to talk to and didnt wanna talk to the counsler again today i was just there yesterday and i knew youd be there for me we niggas for life! i hope shit with u and jajuan straightens out but yall gunn be together for a long time unlike me and antonio its a RAP AND CUT! but its all good "WHAT DONT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!" but i luv ya girlie just holla !

love always
Jen (nomore jenniefers nor lola)
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: cd i made 4 tonio with lov songs on it :-(