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05 November 2005 @ 09:52 pm
well things with tonio are ALOT better! that shit with lena he didnt know that was going on and he hates her so i kno he aitn out doin me wrong! he loves me so much we hung out tuesday and thursday and he told me he loved me so many times those days it was so perfect everything is so perfect most of the time but others i get so heated over nothing!
but other then that i'm bout to really be with purell he like me a lot he so adorable he sucha sweetheart. then raheem(fujis cuzin) called last night and was tellin me shit bout fuji makin it seem like he doin me wrong that nigga got me so god damn heated i was sooo pissed the fuck off!
shit with brittany kinda gettin betta i guess i aint gettin pissed bout us not talkin and really kickin it i guess i found out that i really only have two true friends that really care bout me sherrese and antonio i luv them both! they forever there for me no matter what shit they going thru they still have time to let me know they care and help me thru my shit!
monkey- dont worry i really believe shit with u and jajaun will straighten out he luv u shit just a lil carzy right now! im here for u just holla nigga i got chu!
gosh..... shit with tonio really have gotten a lot better im startin to relieze all over again why i luv him as much as i do! he care so much about me even when im lettin him kno how much i hate that nigga still sayin he love me i kno he aint doin me wrong he care to much to fuck this shit up on the real tho! but chu already kno! lol damn i miss the niggas he used to kick it with but i unno i luv him with all my heart even tho im startin to kick it with purell and still kinda talkin to lindsey sumtimes aint nuttin ever gunna change i luv him and noone will ever ever take his place in my heart in a million years we seriously gun be together forever!!!

luv always
fujis wifey lola!

fuji and lola 10/22/04!!!!!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: lil mo 4ever