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18 November 2005 @ 11:23 pm
well obviously antonio is a lier he knew all that shit lena was sayin was goin on cuz he called me and left me a message sayin to nva fuckin call him agian and that he loved lena.... well i aint nva been so hurt in my life! i hated him but i still luv him im so fuckin stupid why to i wanna go back to a nigga that is gunna consantly hurt me over and over agian!!!!!!! i swear if he would just call me i would be so happy! i hope and pray he'll be back everyone tells me he will be even his cuzin brianna but that cuz me and her are cool...but EVERYONE knows he loves me his family and coworkers and ALL of his niggas please believe he dont love that skank ass nasty muthafuckin whore LENA! but i called him a couple days ago and he was at work im assuming and he called back btu i was sleeping! so obviusly he didnt get mad i called cuz he woulda left me a voice mail hollering at me! i swear to god that was the best 1yr and 2weeks in my life even though he hurt me alot in that time i still love him so0o0 much i kno for a fact he still luov me too i aint THAT dumb!

but anyways omg i gotta HOTTT!!!!!!! new neighbor named Cavin me and him arre probably gunna end up going together for a minute but i tihnk i really really like purell and he startin to hate me for tlkin to Cavin but i unno ill figure out wat to do!!

June Gets Out April 18th!!!!!!!!!!

luv always
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: mariah carey- dont forget about us!