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28 November 2005 @ 09:09 pm
hey well my "best friend"brittany is telin me im a hoe basically b.c i had sex with 3 ppl and 2 of thme were mistakes shes tellin me how if she didnt know me she would think ima slut bc of the places i did it with antonio but u know what she dont need to tell me how she would never do that i dotn think she remembers how she lost her virginity oh ya the guy had a girlfriend and was talkin to ME! she dont remember how she had sex with antonio in MY HOUSE! in MY BATHROOM! no shes to good to remember that shit but i guess im the hoe b.c i luv him she the one messing with another girls man. then on top of that she said io have no selfcontrol i do but ya i shouldnt have fucked tonios cuzin nor cavin(yet) but she was fucking the person im in LOVE WITH AT MY HOUSE!!!!!!! but im the one with no self control get real and shes sayin im easy! umm no im not y the fuck she so worried bout someone who she said aint even a good friend thats what she says all the time well i dont care what she thinks i know the truth like my nigga june says dont listen to other peoples words im the boss they dont mean shit to me and if sum isnt sayin sumthing to make me happy then y listen to them
but i unno the only people i thinkare truely down for wateva and is gunna luv me ofr me no matter what is edwin eugene thacker jr and sherrese maypella brandes and those are the only people i care about bc they aint EVER gunna talk shit bout me! and be true with me and never think im a slut!!!!

but wateva
luv always
LoLa< still it even without that nigga
p.s. i gotta continue life liek i was still with tonio b.c he would still want me to cesied(cant spell) and i know he still luves me even if he with her and hell be back when the time is right for him i actually dont even really think they together either so im good i luv him with all my heart and nothing will change that ever and he knows that!
Current Music: eminem- love you more